In addition to our new jukeboxes, we typically have a wide selection of vintage original and contemporary reproduction jukes available for sale. Examples of units we often have in stock are shown below. 

Let us know what you're looking for.  If we don't have it, we can probably get one for you!

Wurlitzer One More Time

Wurlitzer OMT One More Time Jukebox

We usually have several modern-era CD or Vinyl OMT models in inventory, but these tend to move very quickly. If you're interested in one of our restored Wurlitzer units, don't delay!

Vintage Wurlitzer Jukes

Rockola 1448

Wurlitzer made great jukeboxes for more than sixty years. We typically have a range of vintage models in stock, including classics such as the 1015 and 1100. Most are set up to play 45s, with some earlier models playing 78s.

Vintage Seeburg Jukes

Seeburg Model B

Seeburg was another highly respected manufacturer of great sounding jukeboxes. These classic jukes come in all shapes, sizes and designs, but they're all great examples of vintage jukebox art and craftsmanship. Call today to see what we have in stock.

Vintage AMI/Rowe Jukes

AMI Continental

Although less common than Wurlitzer or Seeburg jukes, these vintage AMI machines are true collector items, often exhibiting wild and highly distinctive designs.

Other Makers

Packard Pla-More

From time to time we also have units from lesser known makers such as Packard and other brands. Call today to see what we have in stock.

About Our Vintage/Restored Units

Restoration of these older units can take quite an effort and many man-hours of work. While we try to keep restored units in stock, some models may require additional work in our shop before delivery. Call us today to learn more.