Jacksonville Jukebox is an Authorized Wurlitzer Distributor


Classic Looks With Today's Technology

As an authorized Wurlitzer distributor, Jacksonville Jukebox sells and services Wurlitzer jukeboxes from Jacksonville to Orlando to Pensacola, and north into Georgia. If you're within 200 miles of Jacksonville, we even provide free delivery and installation. (Call for delivery costs to other locations.)

These new Wurlitzer jukeboxes are manufactured in Germany and look and sound great. They're the perfect choice for customers who want modern features such as remote control and CD capability without giving up that classic Wurlitzer styling.

The Wurlitzer One More Time CD Jukebox recaptures the beloved design styling of the 40's and 50's. The cabinet of the legendary Model 1015, originally built in 1946, is the ideal casing for Wurlitzer's new microprocessor-controlled CD changer and player. The unit plays more than 1,200 songs and is backed by a powerful amplifier and speaker combination to deliver superb laser sound quality. The classic Wurlitzer rotating color columns, distinctive round top, visible CD changing mechanism, and trademark bubble tubes create visually spectacular special effects. Whether it is in the entrance hall of a company, a restaurant, a bar, or a living room, this nostalgic jukebox is sure to enhance the decor and mood of any surroundings.


The Wurlitzer One More Time-Princess CD Jukebox is a nearly identical miniature scale version of the full size 1015 One More Time CD Jukebox. The Princess was designed to fit small space requirements and can be used on countertops, mounted on the wall, or sit on our specially designed pedestal unit. Features include a programmable 120-disc CD changer, powerful amplifier, many user convenience features, and all of the classic 1015 styling. Just like the larger One More Time unit, the Princess comes complete with rotating color columns, distinctive round top, and trademark bubble tubes which create visually spectacular special effects. The Princess combines a truly unique combination of technology, styling, and convenience to produce a jukebox that will be a sure hit with your family, friends, or customers.


Rave On is the newest addition to our line of commercial oriented jukeboxes. No other jukebox displays music faster, takes the patron to the dance floor quicker, or moves more money into the cashbox. With the double touch of a button, all 50 CD titles can be displayed in less than 10 seconds. Each of the three rotating panels displays about 200 tracks. The Rave On's 60-Disc CD Changer is programmable for background music or play stimulation. Other features include illuminated keyboard and coin insertion slot, eye catching moving color bars, and 4 powerful internal speakers. EZ connections are provided for adding a mic, additional amp, and extra speakers. This model provides four album cover spaces for special advertising content. Ask your Wurlitzer dealer for a list of promotion opportunities regarding these spaces.


The Elvis Presley Limited Edition CD Jukebox captures the appeal of America's favorite musical legend. This highly collectible jukebox is presented by Wurlitzer Jukebox Company and Elvis Presley Enterprises. A permanently affixed metal plaque, embossed and numbered , attests to its limited production. This jukebox is ideal for home entertainment as well as for upscale pubs, taverns and other retail locations. The styling details have been painstakingly replicated to capture the original flavor of the classic Model 1015, the best known and most cherished jukebox ever built.

The jukebox features a likeness of Elvis and a signature replica. A photographic montage of specially selected Elvis memorabilia and concert tour scenes is exclusive to this jukebox. The jukebox holds 50 compact discs (optional upgrade to 100 compact discs), is powered by a 200-watt amplifier and its computer holds over 1,200 individual CD tracks in memory. Owners can wake each morning to pre-selected music, schedule up to two background music periods each day, and make track selections from an optional remote.


The Rainbow CD Jukebox features a colorfully crafted exterior, including animated bubble tubes and a new, hi-tech changer with a capacity of an industry-first 120 compact discs. The changer's delivery and playback movements are visible to customers through a glass-protected front panel. Music selection is made easy with menu title pages that quickly flip back and forth at the touch of a back-lit button panel. Eight album covers of over 100 tracks are always in full view. The system has several optional pre-programmable modes, including one for automatic background music. At the heart of the sound system is a powerful 200-watt amplifier (500 watt amplifier also available) which drives six internal high-quality speakers. An upgraded diagnostic system and easy changer access make maintenance checks and disc changes easier than ever before.