Jacksonville Jukebox provides top quality repair and restoration work on all kinds of juke boxes and gameroom equipment. Our repair experts include a distributor - trained technician with more than 35 years experince. We offer Grade One and Grade Two restorations that will make your old jukebox look and play "just like new." And we handle all shipping from and to your location via insured freight lines.


Grade One Restoration Process

• Entire jukebox completely disassembled, cleaned, adjusted, lubricated and reassembled

• Missing or broken parts replaced with original equipment or high-quality reproduction parts

• Cabinet repainted or refinished to original specifications

• All chrome fixtures replated

• Amplifier completely rebuilt


Grade Two Restoration Process

Basically same as Grade One, although chrome is generally polished and buffed rather than replated. Slightly less "perfection" is the goal here, although all machines will still be attractive anf fully functional.


If your equipment is located near the Jacksonville, Florida area, we can provide service for a wide range of jukeboxes, pinballs, slot machines and other coin-operated machines. We offer in-home or in-shop service depending on the complexity of the job. Just give us a call at (904) 573-3855 or e-mail us for more information.