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MAKE: Wurlitzer MODEL: 2204 YEAR: 1958

Curved top dome glass with fully exposed mechanism accented by mauve background backdrop. No other year jukebox looks like this model. Great sound is achieved with Hi Fi Amplifier with three speakers. Classic look of the 1950's at a very reasonable price. $ 2500.00


MAKE: Wurlitzer MODEL: 750 YEAR: 1940-41

Small arched design with yellow plastics. Two bubble tubes in fantail on each side of coin slide in front door. Walnut veneer with chrome accents and wood grill over wicker grill cloth. 24 selections 78 Rpm. Available in manual and electric selector models. $ 8500.00


MAKE: Wurlitzer MODEL: 2404 YEAR: 1960

The best looking of all 2400 series of Juke Boxes. Available in 100, 104 and 200 selections. Fully exposed mechanism with tone arm against a backdrop of Red, White, Blue and Gold. Hi Fi and Stereo sound with three speakers. Lights up brightly both top and bottom with large chrome grill richly illuminated with a rainbow of colors.

Patriotic style of the 1960's $ 2900.00


MAKE: Wurlitzer MODEL: 1100 YEAR: 1949

Space ship design gives this Juke Box a modern look for its time. Large front dome shows a 78 rpm, 24 play mechanism. New cobra lightweight tone arm introduced with updated amplifier that produced great sound. Rotating illuminated multi colored pilasters produced a rainbow of color. Walnut veneer cabinet. $ 7500.00


MAKE: Seeburg MODEL: HF 100 R YEAR: 1954

Large curved dome glass affords an exceptional view of a fully exposed mechanism. Two tone wooden veneer cabinet. Up dated Hi Fi sound system with five speakers. One of the best sounding Juke Boxes of the 1950's. Generous chrome complete with waterfalls flanked on each side by frosted glass panels. 100 Selection 45RPM Blue top panel majestically sets off gold background. $ 4750.00


MAKE: Seeburg MODEL: HF 100 G YEAR: 1954

Classic Happy Days styling. Similar to Seeburg Model C, but with chrome pilasters and metal grill in front of speaker. Sound system upgraded with 15 inch woofer speaker and 5 inch tweeter, new redhead High Fidelity cartridge and Hi Fi Amp. Cabinet available in veneer and other finishes. $4500.00

Seeburg HF 100 C

MAKE: Seeburg MODEL: HF 100 C YEAR: 1952

Restyled cabinet with plastic pilasters and rotating color cylinders inside pilasters. Silvered glass tubes in front of gold speaker grill. Amp has automatic volume control. Only Seeburg with animation! Available in veneer and other finishes VC $ 4750.00


MAKE: Rock-Ola MODEL: 1493 (Princess) YEAR: 1962

Small and lightweight compact design. Curved front glass affords narrow view of mechanism. Rich metallic violet colors accented by chrome and center lighted grill. Hybrid sound system with 12 woofer and 8-inch tweeter. True stereo sound with external speakers attached. Front door removes for complete easy access to all components. Will fit anywhere. A great juke Box at a very reasonable cost. 100 selections 45 RPM $ 2700.00


MAKE: Rock-Ola MODEL: 1448 YEAR: 1955

A new 120 play mechanism in a cabinet glittering from top to bottom

With chrome. A triangular roller holds the title labels. When you push the red program button the title holder rotates on it's axis. To choose a selection, push one of the forty buttons under the label. Records are store in a vertical magazine until the desired record is in place. The gripper arm picks up the record on rotates on to a horizontal turntable. Updated sound system complete with Waterfalls on the grill accent this Juke Box. $ 4500.00

MAKE: Rock-Ola MODEL: 1454 YEAR: 1956

Very similar to the model 1448, this Rock-Ola turns silver into gold.

The sold colored sides are richly accented by the gold backdrop with snowflakes accenting the glass in front and on the sides. The cabinet is two tone separated by a diagonal dividing line. Very appealing whether just sitting or lit up. $ 4500.00


MAKE: Rock-Ola MODEL: 1478 ( Tempo II ) YEAR: 1960

This Juke Box is a second in a series of four Tempo models that is especially striking on account of itís sporting elegance. A blue and creme sail on the grill, liking a surfing logo, makes it's unmistakably Rock-Ola. A fully exposed mechanism encased in a large wrap around dome glass indicative of the automobiles of the 1960's complete with Cadillac style fins. 120 Select, 45RPM $ 4500.00

AMI D-80


AMI improved mechanism. This AMI has a movable turn table while the record rack stays stationary. Push buttons mounted at eye level with curved dome to show fully exposed mechanism. Top marquee and lower egg crate style grill area light up to makes this small Juke Box a must for every collector. Simplified amplifier produces great sound. An affordable Juke Box. 45 RPM $ 2200.00


This large rectangular Juke Box has a new Carousel mechanism. This new design increases capacity to 200 selections. New sound system complete with Multi Horn Hi Fidelity. Large easy to read title strips and push buttons are located at eye level. Brushed aluminum on front and side glass. Fully exposed mechanism. Affordable Juke Box with great sound and 200 selections. $ 2500.00